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Boat and RV

Taking your boat out on Narragansett Bay, or going on a vacation in your RV, can be a wonderful experience. It’s nice to take a break from our busy lives now and then. However, most neighborhoods have ordinances prohibiting boats or RVs to be parked on the street. This makes sense. Traffic needs to get by, after all, but it can cause some difficulties for boat and RV owners. You could park them in your driveway, but then you may realize you don’t feel that your large vehicle is safe there. 

This is why boat and RV storage is an excellent solution. We have affordable spaces at both of our locations for you to safely store your vehicle. 

All our boat and RV storage spaces are outdoors, so we do recommend you get a cover for yours if available, and that you wax it, to protect the paint from the sun. 

Also, winters in Rhode Island get pretty cold, and this is the time of year when not so many boats are on the water and few go traveling in their RVs. So, remember to get your vehicle properly winterized to protect its internal plumbing during the cold months. Meanwhile, your ride will be secure with us.

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